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Regional Referee Qualification 

this course is provided by CVA, and is free to attend

Regional referee's must be supplied by teams that are competing in the following competitions:

- Inter-Provincal Champs in the U17, U19 and U20 divisions

- Club zone competitions

- National Club Cham 

National referee's are required for Inter-Provincal Champs (Open division).  A discount is offered to club teams that provide a nationally qualified referee for club champs div 1.





Scheduled Regional courses for 2023

  • March

    • Wednesday 8th March

    • Riccarton High School Gym, 31 Vicki St, Sockburn

    • 4pm - 7pm

    • Facilitated by Daana Watson - FIVB Federation Referee

  • May 

  • August

Please note - participants should have completed a Local Referees course prior to enrolling in a Regional Referees Course


What you need for the course:


When attending the course please bring an electronic copy of the FIVB rules which can be found at this link.


Please also read through the following rules before attending the course- Rule 11, 21, 24. 


The casebook is also worth reading through:

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Joe ref.jpg
rosa ref.jpg
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