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Referee Information


Click on the links below to register for our scheduled courses in Christchurch: 

Levels of Qualification


New to Refereeing


Learn the basics of officiating volleyball with the following video: refereeing video.

Handy reference card for refereeing calls: Referee Hand Signals

Knowledge of the rules is needed:

Canterbury and South Island Junior Championships (Year 9 & 10).





This is the second step on the referee pathway, but is still aimed at those who are just getting started in the referee world.


The local referee course can be completed by two different methods;

A Volleyball New Zealand on-line course has been created- there is a $5 charge.  Click here for the course and further information

This allows for regionally based participants to gain a qualification without travelling to a course

Canterbury Volleyball Association run Local Referee Courses.  These are scheduled twice yearly.  Additional courses can be scheduled outside of these if an organisation can organise a group of 10 or more.    Please e-mail us for more information on the next course


Handy reference card for refereeing calls: Referee Hand Signals

Required for:

Canterbury, Mainland and New Zealand Senior School Championships as well as the local Premier Volleyball League (Monday night). 





This is for people that are wanting to start taking their refereeing more seriously and already are confident at refereeing club and senior high school volleyball. 

The course for this is four hours, has a closed book exam and requires you to be assesed refereeing more than one game. 

Required for:

New Zealand Volleyball Championships (IPC), NZ Club Nationals (2nd ref of Division 2)





Last step on the VNZ Referee Pathway before stepping up to International qualifications. This is where the details of refereeing are taken seriously and you learn more about the finer details of the rules.


Requires a six hour course, exam and several assesments.

Required for:

National Club Championships (Division 1)  and Senior IPC.

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