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Premiere Volleyball League (PVL)
Monday Nights


Our Premier competitive winter league, caters for our Elite, Southern Zone, Club & Development teams that play at two venues: The Christchurch Netball Centre and Pioneer Stadium.  

 Learn more about our Canterbury clubs - who operate from April to September each year


Athletes and teams range from high school to masters age, with different divisions in both the men's and women's competition. 

2024 Registration Fees:

Club affiliation fee : $250

Registration per team:  $200 ($50/week for Preseason games) & $650 PVL entry

Game Times: 6.30pm or 8.05pm

Competition dates:

4x week preseason scrimmage 

May 20th - June 17th 2024

Games will be self dutied, no team lists needed, clubs can swap players teams as they wish.  Uniforms will need to be worn, however not enforced, and clubs can use this time to get uniforms in order

The preseason is limited to 24 teams (but of course you can switch in and out players in teams). Canterbury U17 & U19 teams will be entered into these scrimmage/game sessions to help their preparation for IPC Tournament at Kings birthday in June

Price $200 for the 4x weeks (2024 Pricing)


12x week PVL competition (Pioneer & Christchurch Netball Centre - 10x courts)

June 24th to September 23rd 

Team lists to be provided, and teams to remain the same for the competition.  Promotion relegation will be involved, and format decided once number of teams confirmed

Price: $650 for the 12x weeks (2024 Pricing)

CVA will require all Team lists to be supplied prior to competition starting.  This will be clarified in email confirming your registration.

An invoice will be sent to the club for their affiliation fee to Canterbury Volleyball, and each individual team registered.  Please note that we do have the potential to include more teams in the League with a secondary venue, however there is still limited gym space which will mean some teams may miss out if we exceed capacity.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. CVA will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of participants in all of our programmes and competitions under the current Alert Level Guidelines, however as a participant you accept responsibility for your own personal health and hygiene if participating.

  2. If you feel sick, or are not well, do not attend

  3. Should the alert levels change during the season and games have to be cancelled, a refund of the registration fee will be provided, less monies for the number of weeks played, expenses generated and our administration fee for the competition.

  4. Players must complete CVA Club transfer forms, and have them signed by the club they have left prior to playing for their new club. 

  5. We will keep clubs up to date with any changes, and will ensure that the competition is run as safely as possible and within all current guidelines.   Our website and FB page will be updated as changes arise

Click Here for draws and results

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