Coaching 101 

                            this course is provided by CVA, and is free to attend

                  Our next scheduled course will be: 

                                   February 2022

                         Venue, time & date TBA

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An introduction to sports coaching and the basics of volleyball - aimed at parents,

senior high school students, current players and former players looking to refresh

their knowledge.


This is a fabulous way to get started in coaching and gives you the tools to

take the first step in making a positive difference to other people.


Canterbury Volleyball present our values for coaches, what needs to be thought

about when coaching a team (not just the skills), and the game specific content

with lots of ideas on how to get kids learning and having fun.


After completion of this course there are opportunities to link up with an

experienced coaches to mentor you or you can jump right in to coaching. 

Canterbury Volleyball can help you on your journey.

please e-mail us for more information e-mail:


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