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Coaching in Canterbury


A majority of the coaches in Canterbury are volunteers.  As a sport, we are extremely

lucky to have so many passionate and dedicated coaches with in our Canterbury Volleyball Community - it's absolutely fantastic.

Our Association can offer a number of opportunities for our coaches, and depending on your current experience, contact us at to discuss your next steps.

A question often asked is where can I start to learn to coach Volleyball?


Currently Canterbury Volleyball has our introductory  "Coaching 101" course to help get people started in the coaching arena.  We offer four courses a year, click on the link below to register for our next course


While we schedule these courses through the year, if you are a school, club or group that have 5 or more interested in attending a Coaching 101 Course, we can arrange our Coaching Course to come to you - email us on

Practical coaching opportunities

CVA offer a number of opportunities to coach teams or practical sessions through our Wednesday Winter Volley or Sentinel programmes.  These programme provide chances for coaches to work on skill based sessions In WWV, or take a team for 5x week timeframe, culminating in a weekend tournament.

There are also opportunities to coach a school team under the watchful eye of the Schools senior coach, or get involved as an assistant with one of schools or club coaches.

Mentoring available


Our region is extremely fortunate to have a number of quality coaches and coach developers that give so much of their time to develop our sport.  A number have offered to open up their trainings (whether it be school, club or regional teams training)

CVA intends to develop further coaching courses and opportunities for coaches.  If you are interested in getting started in coaching or would like to be introduced to coach mentor to further your own development, please email us on

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