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Year 7/8 League Draw


  • Teams are of mixed gender though there are no limitations of how many girls or boys you may have in your team.

  • Normal volleyball rules apply expect games are played on a badminton court, net is approx. 2.1-2.2m high. No catching is allowed.

  • All teams will play two or three 20 minute games a night with no more than a 20minute gap between games.

  • Teams should wear uniforms (school P.E. uniform is great)

  • All teams need to supply a parent to help keep score. (they will be assisted by the floor controller and our KiwiVolleyball Coaches)

  • Games are best of three sets. Even if a team is leading 2-0 teams will play the third set. Each set will last 6 minutes with the winner being whoever has the most points when the time expires. If teams are tied they will play a sudden death point to decide the winner of the set.

  • Teams MUST play 2 or 3 shots before the ball goes over the net. This is to avoid teams playing tennis. 


Find the draw for the Year 7/8 League below. 


Each league has now broken into a top and bottom half. Team will now play a round robin amongst their half and then play off games. 
Please note that hte league finishes up on December 6th and that their are no games on Wednesday 29th of November due to gyms not being available. 

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