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Social 4's - Rules, Draw & Results



* games are 20 minutes long - 5 minute break in between games.

* minimum of 2 games per night.

* self duty

* 1 point for a win

* Play to time (hooter will go at the start and end).  If it's a draw at the hooter - play one more ball and the team to win the point wins the game 

* teams will change sides at 20 combined points (and multiples there-of)

* ideally 4 players on court per game, but, 3 players is permitted

* players can only play for one team per night


* 4 players on each team aim to hit the ball over the net with their hands, although any part of the body can be used

* substitions can be made between points at any time, but players must stay in the same playing order

* when a receiving team gain the right to serve, players rotate one position clockwise. The next rally then begins with a serve by the player who has just moved into the server's position

* a team scores a point if:

  - the ball lands in the opposition's court

  - the opposition can not return the ball, touches the ball 4 times, or one player touches it twice in a row, or if a player 

  - the opposition touches the net, or if a player touches the net with any part of his or her body while playing the ball

* a team may hit the ball three times to return it, but no player can hit the ball twice in a row including if it hits one part of their body and then rebounds to another part

* a block is not counted as a hit and the same player can hit the ball again. After a block the team still has three hits      

* shots may be blocked before they cross the net, as long as the blocker does not touch or reach over the net

* the ball can be directed anywhere into the opponent's court

* the ball can be played off the net during a rally

* the ball may not be carried, caught, pushed or dunked

* serves are to be made from behind the back line and may be struck under of over arm with any part of the hand, fist or arm

* the server continues to serve until the serving team loses the point



* we play in almost any weather - a bit of drizzle is fine.  If it's really bad we will put a postponement notice on our Canterbury Volleyball FB page by 4pm on the day of the league.  If you don't see anything - assume the games are on.



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